Frequently Asked Questions

It is important to our team that all your questions regarding vein treatment are answered, so please contact us with yours.
Will my vein treatment hurt?

Our vein procedures involve only a quick needle poke or tiny incision (smaller than the size of a freckle). We always administer local anesthetic to reduce the sensation and can use more if needed. Our goal is to provide a lasting vein treatment with minimal discomfort

Will I have much bruising after?

Some patients have bruising in the region of the treated veins which normally clears by the time of your follow-up visit.

What if I have questions about my vein treatment after hours or over the weekend?

A physician is available 24 hours a day to address any concerns or questions that you may have about your vein treatment.

Can I listen to music during my treatment?

We can play any genre of music in the procedure room that you prefer, or please feel free to bring head phones and listen to an audiobook or music on your own device.

When can I return to work after my treatment?

The vein procedures that we perform have been referred to as “lunch break” procedures as patients can often return to work the same day if they desire. However, most patients return to work the following day.

Can I walk after my treatment?

Yes. In fact we ask all our patients to walk frequently after their procedure as this helps keep blood flowing through the deep veins of the leg.

I get nervous when it comes to medical procedures. Can you sedate me?

While most patients are able to undergo their treatment while relaxing in our procedural suite without any form of sedation medication, we are able to provide a prescription for a sedative that can be taken before the procedure if needed.

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“The ultrasound was thorough and Dr. Hartmann knew which veins were affected and how to treat them. The recovery wasn’t bad. I wasn’t restricted in my activities. The difference is having a doctor who thoroughly understands how veins work. It was definitely worth the drive from Marinette.”

Steve W.
Marinette, WI

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